The Cost of A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Sacramento CA

Bankruptcy Lawyers are not cheap.  Well, some are, but most are not affordable in the eyes of a prospective client.  When people turn to bankruptcy they are often without the financial resources to meet their current living expenses.  When that is the case, being asked to fork-over anywhere from 1 to 2 thousand dollars may not be realistic.  Nevertheless, many bankruptcy lawyers in Sacramento require such fees from their clients, and many debtors are simply unable to afford this expense.  As a result, many bankruptcy petitioners in Sacramento file without an attorney.

The Cost Factors

Two things primarily influence the cost of a bankruptcy attorney: the case and the attorney.  Complicated bankruptcy cases naturally cost more than simple ones.  If you have a no-asset chapter 7 your total cost for hiring a bankruptcy attorney should not be that much.  In contrast, if you have a lot of tax debt, secured debt, own a home and a business then you can rest assured that a bankruptcy attorney will cost a pretty penny.  Apart from the complexity of your case (which you can only judge once you have met with an attorney for a free consultation), the attorney will influence the cost of your bankruptcy.  Some bankruptcy attorneys in Sacramento are expensive; for whatever reason a lot of people are willing to pay more for their services.  Why these bankruptcy attorneys can charge more is due to several factors: client ignorance of fees, lack of information on competitors, advertising, etc.  Regardless, some attorneys will only accept your case for more than what other attorneys would charge.  On the other hand, there are many bankruptcy attorneys who will quote a very low fee to get you as a client.  The only risk of hiring such a cheap attorney is inadequate service resulting in a denial of discharge, lost exemptions, delays, and extreme frustration.

So, what should you pay for a bankruptcy lawyer in Sacramento?  The answer will depend upon what you can afford and what you have to lose in a jeopardized bankruptcy.  If you have few assets and a simple case you can get away with hiring a cheap bankruptcy attorney.  (These attorneys can cost anywhere from $700 to $1,200).  On the other hand, if you have a lot to lose then you should mitigate your risk and hire a skilled but expensive bankruptcy lawyer.

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