Welcome to the Sacramento Attorney Blog

The Sacramento attorney blog will post articles about legal issues facing Sacramento residents.  Common topics will include bankruptcy, DUI, personal injury, real estate, and assisted living law.  

The blog is authored by attorney Adam Garcia, a bankruptcy attorney for Sacramento Law Group.

Bankruptcy Law

The blog will contain articles about consumer bankruptcy law with an emphasis on chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Many Sacramento residents encounter financial difficulty and turn to chapter 7 bankruptcy for debt relief.  This blog will contain articles that will help these prospective chapter 7 petitioners understand the bankruptcy process and the relationship between bankruptcy attorneys and clients.  For instance, readers can learn about how much a bankruptcy attorney should cost in Sacramento, CA.  (To view a full list of bankruptcy attorney articles visit Sacramento Law Group’s bankruptcy page.)


Sacramento Law Group regularly posts articles about DUI defense in Sacramento.  Many readers are unaware of the fermentation defense in which improper procedures can result in the fermentation of blood in vials, thereby producing alcohol in blood samples and compromising the accuracy of blog tests.  

Real Estate Law

Sacrament is home to an expansive real estate market.  Unfortunately, many real estate transactions encounter difficulty and parties turn to real estate attorneys for answers.  This blog will post articles about California real estate law so that readers can do their homework before contacting an attorney.

Personal Injury Law

Many Sacramento residents are victims of dog bites or car accidents and need a Sacramento personal injury attorney to help them recover fair compensation.  While victims of personal injury should call an attorney right away, they may also want to better understand the law underlying their personal injury claim.  This blog will post articles about California personal injury law with an emphasis on dog attacks and car accidents.

Assisted Living Law

California assisted living law refers to the regulations governing residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFEs).  California care homes and assisted living facilities have certain regulatory responsibilities.  This blog will help educate the public and RCFE owners on the regulations that govern assisted living facilities in California.

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