Spotting The Bad Bankruptcy Attorneys

<h1>How To Identify The Bad Bankruptcy Attorneys</h1>

Not all bankruptcy attorneys serve their clients well.  Many bankruptcy attorneys are overwhelmed with low-fee cases and invest little time into each case.  These bankruptcy attorneys are often cheap, and clients who pay their low fees often get little service in return.  Yes, a bankruptcy petition will be filed with the court but it’s anyone’s guess whether issues will be identified and corrected before they destroy your chances for debt relief.

If you didn’t even speak with the attorney for your consultation that’s a red flag.  If an attorney cannot give you the time for a consultation you will not be meeting with the attorney during the bankruptcy process.  With that in mind, even if you do speak with the attorney during the consultation be sure to ask whether you will be meeting exclusively with the attorney during the bankruptcy process.  Many “petition mills” have clients meet with legal secretaries for the majority of the bankruptcy process.

Other red flags include pushy attorneys who try to pressure you into hiring them or attorneys who are late to the consultation.  Another common red flag is an advertised low price.  If the attorney only charges $500 for a chapter 7 bankruptcy they’re not going to invest much time to your case.  Instead of hiring a cheap bankruptcy attorney, hire a good, reasonably priced bankruptcy attorney.

One thought on “Spotting The Bad Bankruptcy Attorneys

  1. Well said. It is so important to stress the personal touch. Client can be made to feel more comfortable and step out of that frozen state they may find themselves in.

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