Filing Bankruptcy in Citrus Heights

Many residents of citrus heights CA qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.  To qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy the petitioner must have income lower than the state median for a household of their size.  If income is higher than the state median the petitioner must pass the “means test.”  In light of this income threshold, many clients of wealthy areas such as Roseville or Elk Grove have difficulty passing the means test.  However, residents of Citrus Heights who live on moderate incomes in affordable housing often pass this income threshold, and in turn qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

When you file chapter 7 bankruptcy in Citrus Heights you will probably hire a bankruptcy attorney.  The bankruptcy attorney can be in Citrus Heights or the greater Sacramento area, but whomever you hire will have to appear at your meeting of creditors in Sacramento CA.  Since your case will be before the Sacramento bankruptcy court, you may want to consider hiring a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney rather than one local to Citrus Heights.   In fact, since the cost of a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer is comparable to a Citrus Heights bankruptcy lawyer, you may want to hire an attorney closer to downtown Sacramento.


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