Foreclosure in Roseville, CA? The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Solution

Roseville is no stranger to foreclosure.  The high priced real estate market of earlier years came crashing down as the bubble burst and highly leveraged buyers lost income and employment.  For many homeowners in Roseville, short sales with a real estate agent became an escape route from highly leveraged properties.  However, many owners in financial distress were unsuccessful in short sales and turned to bankruptcy.  Likewise, couples going through divorce in Roseville may fall behind on their mortgage payment leading to foreclosure.  their For those wanting to eliminate their personal liability for the mortgage and surrender the property chapter 7 bankruptcy became the perfect solution.  Many Roseville bankruptcy attorneys were available to facilitate this discharge of liability, and these former owners were successful in the speedy and inexpensive bankruptcy process.  However, for owners desiring to keep their home chapter 13 bankruptcy became the preferred solution.

A chapter 13 Roseville bankruptcy attorney can stop foreclosure and protect your home before and after bankruptcy.  In chapter 13 bankruptcy you can stop foreclosure immediately upon filing the bankruptcy petition.  Once filed, you can cure the deficient payments over a period of years.  Specifically, you can repay missed mortgage payments over three to five years, and once repaid you can will no longer be in default.  After the chapter 13 plan has been fulfilled and you have removed yourself from default you can keep your Roseville home as long as you stay current.

To learn more about how bankruptcy stops foreclosure visit or browse the Sacramento County Public Law Library website at  On both sites you can learn more about foreclosure and how to stop foreclosure through bankruptcy.

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