The Total Bill of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Santa Rosa

Many Santa Rosa clients are unprepared for how much chapter 7 bankruptcy will cost.  Some clients are drawn in by advertisements promising representation in chapter 7 bankruptcy for only a few hundred dollars.  These clients sign a representation agreement and only find out before they file that they must pay for credit counseling, a credit report, and a $306 filing fee.  In essence, these clients are not prepared for the total cost of chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Instead of finding out what bankruptcy costs when it’s too late, keep reading to learn what factors go into the total bill of bankruptcy in Santa Rosa.

Before you file bankruptcy, whether it’s chapter 7 or 13, you’ll need to complete credit counseling.  If you have access to the internet credit counseling will not be that expensive.  Some providers charge only $5 but most charge at least $10.  However, if you don’t have access to the internet you’ll have to take it by phone.  If that’s the case you may have to pay upwards of $40.

Bankruptcy attorneys often exclude the $306 filing fee charged by the Santa Rosa bankruptcy court from their flat fee.  Therefore, be prepared to spend this amount when you’re ready to file.  Other costs that may be excluded include the cost of obtaining a credit report and tax transcripts.  

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