Feds ramp up pressure on GOP lawmaker who owes $750,000

Not everyone who files bankruptcy is poor or lower income. Bankruptcy is the counterpart to capitalism and our government has recognized that the pursuit of wealth via financing creates debt, and that it is beneficial to our economy to forgive certain debts to allow individuals and businesses to move forward.


The Justice Department is increasing the pressure on a Minnesota state senator who has not responded to a lawsuit filed in January that alleges he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the federal government.

The U.S. Attorney’s office in Minnesota Tuesday ordered Sen. Sean Nienow, R-Cambridge, to immediately pay the government $748,532, KSTP reports.

Nienow and his wife, Cynthia, took out a $613,000 loan from the Small Business Administration in 2009 to purchase a business called the National Camp Association, which was aimed at helping parents find camps for their children and providing support services for camps, according to the Star Tribune. The business is no longer operating, and the Nienows stopped making payments on the loan in July 2010, the lawsuit alleges.

Sen. Nienow, who describes himself as a fiscal conservative, spoke briefly to KSTP reporter Tom Hauser Tuesday afternoon at the state Capitol, and was asked…

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