I am a Registered Nurse and was Arrested for a DUI, What Impact Will this have on my License?

A very informative post by Torrance DUI attorney Matthew J Ruff advising California nurses (and I will add, nursing students) to immediately retain a criminal defense attorney when facing a conviction for DUI. The best time to hire a lawyer is before a conviction for violation of Vehicle Code 23152 (CA DUI law), but if the conviction has already occurred and the nurse or nursing student is now having difficulty with the BRN, hiring a nursing license defense attorney is critical, especially after the ruling in Sulla v. Board of Registered Nursing.

Matthew Ruff, Criminal Defense Attorney

The California Board of Registered Nursing, as construed by a Nursing Practice Act statute,  often considers DUI an act of unprofessional conduct, saying that it involves the dangerous use of alcohol and a crime involving consumption of alcohol.   However,   in California a criminal conviction is not grounds for professional discipline unless it is substantially related to the qualifications, functions and duties of the profession.   The applicable law is found in California Business and Professions Code.  With that being said, when a DUI arrest occurs the individual is processed by the police and fingerprinted and therefore the arrest will usually be reported even though the person has not been to Court.  An experienced DUI Lawyer can appear with you in Court and employ various legal defenses to keep the arrest from becoming a conviction on the DUI charge (VC23152).  If you are already a nurse, a DUI will usually not result in a termination, however it will cause…

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