How do I apply for a US Visa to work in Sacramento if I am an actor from Canada?

After working tables for the majority of your teenage and adolescent life, you realize that it’s time for a career change.  You always loved acting in high school and think you can make a go of it.  While there are some acting opportunities closer to home in Vancouver, you want to make your start in Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, money is tight and rent in L.A. is not affordable.  There is an acting job in Sacramento where rent is more affordable, and while it’s not L.A. you’ll only be 6 hours away from your breakout Hollywood audition. You decide to save some money and start your acting career in Sacramento, but now you need figure out how you as a Canadian actor can work in Sacramento.  Of course you could call an affordable immigration attorney in Sacramento, but you decide to skip and navigate this ordeal solo.  After all, money is tight.

You’ll need to consider the following:

  • Decide which type of Visa is applicable to you (generally an O-1 Visa)
  • Determine whether you should apply for the EB1 green card versus the O-1 Visa.
  • Research the documents that you will need for your application
  • Be realistic in your talent – this does not require you to be Meryl Streep, but being honest in your acting ability will help you in obtaining your Visa goals

Requirements for an O-1 Visa:

  • Extraordinary acting ability. A great way to demonstrate this is through awards, recognition within the industry, movie and film titles to your name, and accomplishments in the industry.
  • Completion of the I-129 form, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker
  • A letter from a peer group (this can include labor organizations) describing your achievement. A good example from a peer group can include ACTRA, UBCP, and other similar organizations.
  • An Agent (this is generally your sponsor).

Requirements for an EB1 green card:

  • Extraordinary acting ability, similar to the O-1 Visa (You must be able to demonstrate this with awards, and international recognition).
  • You must also qualify for 3 out of 10 of the following criteria:
  • Receipt of a nationally or internationally recognized price or award of excellence
  • A member of an association that requires outstanding achievements of its members
  • Demonstration of published material that relates to your work as an actor
  • Participation on a panel as a judge (in television or film)
  • Innovation such as a scientific, scholarly, or commercial contribution in a field
  • Authorship of a published article
  • An exhibition or showcase of your work/talent
  • A leading or critical role in a distinguished organization
  • A high salary in comparison to other actors in your field
  • Commercial and/or international success

Instead of attempting to navigate this complicated process alone you can hire affordable immigration attorney Agxibel Barajas.  She can help you decide whether to apply for an O-1 visa or EB1 green card and take care of the application process.

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