Factors to Consider If You’re Filing Divorce in Roseville But Have Debt

Filing divorce can be a costly process. Hiring an attorney, process server, accountant, therapist, and paying court fees can be an unwelcome expense. In addition, divorce is always an emotional process and rarely a pleasant one. If you’re filing divorce in Roseville, consider the following factors:

Attorney Fees

Roseville is an expensive city to live in, and their attorneys aren’t cheap either. Unfortunately, unless you can figure out the process on your own with the Roseville divorce self-help center, you’ll need to hire a divorce attorney. To make matters worse, there are fewer divorce attorneys in Roseville than Sacramento, and that small group of prominent attorneys usually charge slightly more than their moderately priced Sacramento counterparts. Many Roseville divorce lawyers charge $300+ per hour, but some more affordable lawyers exist.

Debt Division

If you and your soon-to-be former spouse have debt that was incurred during marriage, you’ll likely need to divide that community debt in divorce. That can be a contentious process, but there are some options to deescalate the division. For one, mediation can help address a number of divorce issues outside of court. In divorce mediation you and spouse will sit down with a neutral mediator to negotiate all your divorce issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support, property division and debt division. Likewise, collaborative divorce can provide couples who can both afford attorneys an avenue to settle their debt division in a less contentious setting.


Sometimes couples need to eliminate their debt before divorce. If couples are agreeable, filing divorce in Roseville can help eliminate debt before the divorce, thereby eliminating the need to divide community debt or at least reduce the amount of debt to be divided. Couples who qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate their debt in a little as 4 months.

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