Resources For Filing Divorce In Roseville

Not everyone filing for dissolution of marriage in Placer County can afford an attorney. When parties must represent themselves in family court the law and court procedure can be intimidating, but there are resources that can help. From document preparers to self-help centers, filing divorce in Placer County can be accomplished without an attorney.

Note – it’s always advisable to hire an attorney when filing divorce. An attorney is licensed to provide legal advice and can help you achieve your legal objectives in family court. This article is designed for low-income individuals who absolutely cannot hire a local attorney for full-scope representation, usually by paying a several-thousand dollar retainer fee with hourly billing.

Document Preparer

A non-attorney document preparer can enter information into the required forms to start a divorce. However, they can’t provide legal advice. Their services are quite limited as forms alone usually won’t accomplish the 6 month plus process of divorce, and are even less likely to be sufficient if the other party files a response.


Even if you can’t afford an attorney for “full-scope” representation (representation from start to finish, including court appearances), you may be able to hire an attorney to prepare your documents. This is also called ghostwriting and it’s preferable to hiring a paralegal to do the same. An attorney can give you more guidance and explain the substantive law.

Self-Help Center

The Placer County Self Help Center can help self-represented parties with cases in Placer County or who reside in the county. Accordingly, residents of Roseville or others with family law cases in Placer County court can use the self-help center. The center can offer procedural guidance and assist with court forms, but they won’t represent you in court. Nevertheless, they can direct you to more self-help resources and quicken your search for reliable information.

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